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On a Journey to Chemical Free Living

Change your products. Change your life.

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Be bold. Rise up.
Professional grade makeup that allows you to be you. Bold formulas sourced with integrity.
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Hey Sis,

Take your life back. Go chemical - free.


About Nicole

I will never pretend to be something that I’m not.

Been there, done that. Never again.

I was desperate for skincare that worked! I was buying the "best" products at Sephora but I still looked tired and dry. My best friend died suddenly from breast cancer in 2019 at 50 years old. She ate organic but hadn't changed her skincare. I started looking for effective organic skincare and a friend introduced me to LimeLife. My skin immediately felt and looked different! 

I looked at the business model and was shocked at what I saw! The CEO designed the compensation that allowed every woman to become a millionaire. I loved her vision of empowering women to have something for themselves that enriched their personal lives and finances. I'm coaching a team of diverse women that I would have never had the chance to coach in my business coaching firm.

I'm passionate about helping women to grow into the potential that God created them for!

About Nicole
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Join our team. Change your life.

Becoming a Beauty Guide for LimeLife by Alcone means joining our family. It means that you get to sell makeup and share what you love. It means going after your goals, your way, backed by an incredible group of individuals passionate about doing the same.

Become a Beauty Guide

It's Easy!

Contact Nicole. 

Let her get you all set up with a customized skincare/cosmetics plan.

Try the products and enjoy our 100% money back guarantee.

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